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2019-07-29    273

The Ministry of Nature, Environment and Tourism in cooperation with the Governor's Office of Govisumber aimag will hold the “Borjigin-2019” Naadam on July 26-28, 2019 in order to develop the domestic tourism sector and disseminate Mongolian heritage in “Tserdgeriin Ukhaa”, Bayantal soum, Govisumber aimag.

More than 280 tangible and intangible cultural heritage participants from 12 soums of five aimags participated in the Borjigin cultural event. The “Borjigin” cultural heritage, customs and traditions of the Borjigin people were created and organized in a camp. Tsagaandelger soum of Dundgovi aimag took the first place in “Borjigin Naiir Deg, Yos Jayag”, Govisumber aimag - Shiveegobi soum - “Borjigin Khurimlakh Yos” sub-building, Dundgovi aimag - Bayanjargalan - “Ankle archery and ankle ritual” ritual took the third place.

During the event, the 25th anniversary of Govisumber aimag and the Central Region equestrian competition coincided, and the participants emphasized that the Naadam field was tidy and free of garbage.

For example, the Minister of Nature, Environment and Tourism N.Tserenbat's “Let's Change Attitudes” package of activities initiated by Mongolia is part of the “Let's Play Cleanly” -2 event. Introduced and provided advice and guidance, and organized a “One Bag of Garbage, One Lottery” in order to keep the garbage clean and environmentally friendly, and actively involved the local community. Naadam participants actively participated in the “One bag of garbage, One lottery” event and collected 21 tons of garbage at the landfill.

In addition, transportation to the main square of the Naadam was organized in an environmentally friendly way by eco-bus and conventional cart (camel cart) and was celebrated without cars.

In anticipation of the cultural event, more than 130 local people were trained in tourism hospitality, 23 people were trained as guides and interpreters, and five people were retrained at the tourist information center, depending on their foreign language level. The information center for tourists and festival-goers served more than 250 tourists during the festival.

The Borjigin Naadam has been held every four years since 1994, and this year is the seventh time. This tourism event will not only play an important role in the development of cultural tourism, but also increase Mongolia's competitiveness in the international tourism market, provide opportunities for foreign and domestic tourists, as well as children and youth to accurately recognize and promote Mongolian history and culture; Most importantly, it is important to create opportunities for sustainable development through the development of local tourism, job creation, development of tourism-related trade and services, and improvement of people's livelihoods.